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sábado, 18 de abril de 2020

Exercício: Passado de verbos irregulares

Exercício: Passado de verbos irregulares


0) We have many friends.
We had many friends.
We didn´t have many friends.
Did we have many friends?

1) I am a good football player.
Exercício: Passado de verbos irregulares2) You buy a bicicle.
3) I keep waiting for you until 7:30.
4) I do my homework every day.
5) Your brother runs 30 kms a week.
6) My sister takes me to college from Monday to Friday.
7) They tell me the whole story.
8) Mike sleeps ten hours a day.
9) I make delicious cakes.
10) My son comes to the party with us.
11) Our cousins speak Italian very well.
12) We sell our car.
13) My favorite team wins the championship.
14) Their friend says that.
15) I know him since I was a kid.
16) My father understands German and Spanish.
17) The dog eats a lot. 

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